Pearl of Tears

Pearl of Tears


The following is the 45th poem in Valley of Blue Hope: Poems Before and After Diagnosis of Cancer.


This is one of the ways my creative process works. It is through revision that I discover the shape of what I am writing. I try not to be afraid of what I am disclosing, however dark. It is through darkness we come to the light. It is in darkness that we discover the healing silence of God.


Pearl of Tears


I am like an oyster

tearing a pearl

on a half shell.


First, an irritant

to which I return

again and again

to apply a balm,

an exudation

from my fevered heart.


Each return

drips another layer,

growing the sphere

of my poem,

story, or sermon.


Drip by drip…

takes years

for all the heart’s disclosures

and the tears

to wash the World’s soul,

as rain does,

from my ear and eye

and deposit

the perfect shape

of a new language

in my open palm.


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